Frenchie Babies 4 U

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Rules when visiting our home.

Please do not visit any pet stores, dog parks, breeders or kennels before coming to our home. (These are prime places to gain exposure to parvo virus among other diseases.)

Be prepared to remove your shoes upon entering our home. (Diseases are commonly tracked in people’s homes through their shoes.)

We require you wash your hands thoroughly before handling the puppies.

You may only hold a puppy while seated to prevent serious injury in a fall.

Children are welcome but are not allowed to handle puppies.

Do not bring your current pets to the visit; we try to limit the puppies exposure to other dogs until they are fully vaccinated.

If you are planning on taking your puppy home today be prepared with cash, we do  not take checks.

Thank you in advance for honoring our rules, these are all for the safety of the puppies. We hope your experience with us a pleasant one and you find the perfect addition to your family.